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Trump Clinton Second Debate Betting Props

Offshore sportsbooks have released props for the second presidential debate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will participate in a town-hall style debate on October 9th at 9:00 PM eastern time. You will be able to bet on which candidate will mention a certain word first, or if a particular term will be mentioned at all. Here are the second debate betting markets.

second debate betting markets

Second Debate Props

Second Debate Betting Props

Here are the second debate betting props available at 5Dimes.

Politics Other SportsMoney Line
US Presidential Election – Second Presidential Debate – Washington University – St. Louis, MO
Sun 10/91 Hillary Clinton wins Coin Toss-105
7:00PM2 Donald Trump wins Coin Toss-105
must be complete name: “Melania Trump”
Sun 10/9101 Clinton says: “Melania Trump”+605
9:00PM102 Clinton does not say: “Melania Trump”-1215
Sun 10/9103 Clinton says: “Deplorable”+450
9:00PM104 Clinton does not say: “Deplorable”-750
must be complete phrase: “Basket of Deplorable”
Sun 10/9105 Clinton says: “Basket of Deplorables”+1500
9:00PM106 Does not say: “Basket of Deplorables”-4500
must be complete phrase: “Tiny Hands”
Sun 10/9107 Clinton says: “Tiny Hands”+1500
9:00PM108 Clinton does not say: “Tiny Hands”-4500
must be complete phrase: “Trump University”
Sun 10/9109 Clinton says: “Trump University”-130
9:00PM110 Clinton does not say: “Trump University”-110
must be complete phrase: “Love Trumps Hate”
Sun 10/9111 Clinton says: “Love Trumps Hate”+500
9:00PM112 Clinton does not say: “Love Trumps Hate”-900
Sun 10/9113 Clinton says: “Isis”-230
9:00PM114 Clinton does not say: “Isis”+170
Sun 10/9115 Clinton says: “Benghazi”+300
9:00PM116 Clinton does not say: “Benghazi”-420
must be complete name: “Bill Clinton”
Sun 10/9201 Trump says: “Bill Clinton”-825
9:00PM202 Trump does not say: “Bill Clinton”+475
must be complete phrase: “Founded Isis”
Sun 10/9203 Trump says: “Founded Isis”+400
9:00PM204 Trump does not say: “Founded Isis”-600
must be complete phrase: “Crooked Hillary”
Sun 10/9205 Trump says: “Crooked Hillary”+210
9:00PM206 Trump does not say: “Crooked Hillary”-290
build a wall includes: “build the wall”
Sun 10/9207 Trump says: “Build a Wall”-150
9:00PM208 Trump does not say: “Build a Wall”+110
must be complete phrase: “Make America Great Again”
Sun 10/9209 Trump says: “Make America Great Again”-420
9:00PM210 Does not say:”Make America Great Again”+300
must be complete name: “Monica Lewinsky”
Sun 10/9213 Trump says: “Monica Lewinsky”+190
9:00PM214 Trump does not say: “Monica Lewinsky”-270
must be complete name: “Gennifer Flowers”
Sun 10/9215 Trump says: “Gennifer Flowers”+325
9:00PM216 Trump does not say: “Gennifer Flowers”-475
must be complete phrase: “Shut Up”
Sun 10/9217 Trump says: “Shut Up”+550
9:00PM218 Trump does not say: “Shut Up”-1050
must be complete phrase: “Shut Up”
Sun 10/9219 Trump says: “Hell”-150
9:00PM220 Trump does not say: “Hell”+110
must be complete name: “Bernie Sanders”
Sun 10/9301 Either candidate says: “Bernie Sanders”-130
9:00PM302 Neither candidate says: “Bernie Sanders”-110
must be complete name: “John McCain”
Sun 10/9303 Either candidate says: “John McCain”+270
9:00PM304 Neither candidate says: “John McCain”-390
must be complete name: “Megyn Kelly”
Sun 10/9305 Either candidate says: “Megyn Kelly”+285
9:00PM306 Neither candidate says: “Megyn Kelly”-405
must be complete name: “Michelle Obama”
Sun 10/9307 Either candidate says: “Michelle Obama”+300
9:00PM308 Neither candidate says: “Michelle Obama”-420
must be complete name: “Mike Pence”
Sun 10/9309 Either candidate says: “Mike Pence”-210
9:00PM310 Neither candidate says: “Mike Pence”+160
must be complete name: “Mitt Romney”
Sun 10/9311 Either candidate says: “Mitt Romney”+350
9:00PM312 Neither candidate says: “Mitt Romney”-530
must be complete name: “Osama Bin Laden”
Sun 10/9313 Either candidate says: “Osama Bin Laden”+120
9:00PM314 Neither candidate says:”Osama Bin Laden”-160
must be complete name: “Paul Ryan”
Sun 10/9315 Either candidate says: “Paul Ryan”+180
9:00PM316 Neither candidate says: “Paul Ryan”-260
must be complete name: “Ronald Raegan”
Sun 10/9317 Either candidate says: “Ronald Raegan”-230
9:00PM318 Neither candidate says: “Ronald Raegan”+170
must be complete name: “Ted Cruz”
Sun 10/9319 Either candidate says: “Ted Cruz”+400
9:00PM320 Neither candidate says: “Ted Cruz”-600
must be complete name: “Tim Kaine”
Sun 10/9321 Either candidate says: “Tim Kaine”-125
9:00PM322 Neither candidate says: “Tim Kaine”-115
must be complete name: “Vladimir Putin”
Sun 10/9323 Either candidate says: “Vladimir Putin”-170
9:00PM324 Neither candidate says: “Vladimir Putin”+130
Sun 10/9401 Either candidate says: “Atlantic City”+200
9:00PM402 Neither candidate says: “Atlantic City”-280
Sun 10/9403 Either candidate says: “Baltimore”+150
9:00PM404 Neither candidate says: “Baltimore”-190
Sun 10/9405 Either candidate says: “Charlotte”+120
9:00PM406 Neither candidate says: “Charlotte”-160
Sun 10/9407 Either candidate says: “Ferguson”-210
9:00PM408 Neither candidate says: “Ferguson”+160
Sun 10/9409 Either candidate says: “Great Lakes”+220
9:00PM410 Neither candidate says: “Great Lakes”-300
Sun 10/9411 Either candidate says: “Iowa”+135
9:00PM412 Neither candidate says: “Iowa”-175
Sun 10/9413 Either candidate says: “Michigan”-150
9:00PM414 Neither candidate says: “Michigan”+110
Sun 10/9415 Either candidate says: “New York”-260
9:00PM416 Neither candidate says: “New York”+180
Sun 10/9417 Either candidate says: “Ohio”-190
9:00PM418 Neither candidate says: “Ohio”+150
Sun 10/9419 Either candidate says: “Orlando”+140
9:00PM420 Neither candidate says: “Orlando”-180
Sun 10/9421 Either candidate says: “Pennsylvania”-170
9:00PM422 Neither candidate says: “Pennsylvania”+130
Sun 10/9423 Either candidate says: “San Bernardino”+160
9:00PM424 Neither candidate says: “San Bernardino”-210
Sun 10/9425 Either candidate says: “Saudi Arabia”+200
9:00PM426 Neither candidate says: “Saudi Arabia”-280
Sun 10/9427 Either candidate says: “Texas”+175
9:00PM428 Neither candidate says: “Texas”-245
Sun 10/9429 Either candidate says: “Virginia”+125
9:00PM430 Neither candidate says: “Virginia”-165
Sun 10/9431 Either candidate says: “Airport”+130
9:00PM432 Neither candidate says: “Airport”-170
Sun 10/9501 Either candidate says: “Apple”+210
9:00PM502 Neither candidate says: “Apple”-290
Sun 10/9503 Either candidate says: “Facebook”+270
9:00PM504 Neither candidate says: “Facebook”-390
Sun 10/9505 Either candidate says: “instagram”+700
9:00PM506 Neither candidate says: “instagram”-1500
Sun 10/9507 Either candidate says: “Twitter”-135
9:00PM508 Neither candidate says: “Twitter”-105
Sun 10/9509 Either candidate says: “Wall Street”-675
9:00PM510 Neither candidate says: “Wall Street”+425
Sun 10/9511 Either candidate says: “Woman Card”+400
9:00PM512 Neither candidate says: “Woman Card”-600
Sun 10/9601 Either candidate says: “Baseball”+700
9:00PM602 Neither candidate says: “Baseball”-1500
Sun 10/9603 Either candidate says: “Basketball”+800
9:00PM604 Neither candidate says: “Basketball”-1700
Sun 10/9605 Either candidate says: “Football”+350
9:00PM606 Neither candidate says: “Football”-530
Sun 10/9607 Either candidate says: “Hockey”+800
9:00PM608 Neither candidate says: “Hockey”-1700
Sun 10/9609 Either candidate says: “Soccer”+1500
9:00PM610 Neither candidate says: “Soccer”-4500
must be complete phrase: “All Lives Matter”
Sun 10/9651 A candidate says: “All Lives Matter”+360
9:00PM652 No candidate says: “All Lives Matter”-540
must be complete phrase: “Blue Lives Matter”
Sun 10/9653 A candidate says: “Blue Lives Matter”+475
9:00PM654 No candidate says: “Blue Lives Matter”-825
must be complete phrase: “Black Lives Matter”
Sun 10/9655 A candidate says: “Black Lives Matter”+300
9:00PM656 No candidate says: “Black Lives Matter”-420
Sun 10/9701 Either candidate says: “Foundation”-320
9:00PM702 Neither candidate says: “Foundation”+240
Sun 10/9703 Either candidate says: “Fracking”+300
9:00PM704 Neither candidate says: “Fracking”-420
Sun 10/9705 Either candidate says: “Gamble”+185
9:00PM706 Neither candidate says: “Gamble”-265
Sun 10/9707 Either candidate says: “Gay”+400
9:00PM708 Neither candidate says: “Gay”-600
Sun 10/9709 Either candidate says: “Global Warming”-140
9:00PM710 Neither candidate says: “Global Warming”+100
Sun 10/9711 Either candidate says: “Hurricane”-420
9:00PM712 Neither candidate says: “Hurricane”+300
Sun 10/9713 Either candidate says: “L.G.B.T”+135
9:00PM714 Neither candidate says: “L.G.B.T”-175
marijuana includes: “weed”
Sun 10/9715 Either candidate says: “Marijuana”+300
9:00PM716 Neither candidate says: “Marijuana”-420
Sun 10/9717 Either candidate says: “Muslim Ban”+300
9:00PM718 Neither candidate says: “Muslim Ban”-420
Sun 10/9719 Either candidate says: “Paint”+150
9:00PM720 Neither candidate says: “Paint”-190
Sun 10/9721 Either candidate says: “Racist”+105
9:00PM722 Neither candidate says: “Racist”-145
Sun 10/9723 Either candidate says: “Real Estate”-120
9:00PM724 Neither candidate says: “Real Estate”-120
Sun 10/9725 Either candidate says: “Stock Market”-110
9:00PM726 Neither candidate says: “Stock Market”-130
Sun 10/9727 Either candidate says: “Zika Virus”+600
9:00PM728 Neither candidate says: “Zika Virus”-1200
Sun 10/9801 Clinton says: “America” first-130
8:00PM802 Trump says: “America” first-110
Sun 10/9803 Clinton says: “China” first+165
8:00PM804 Trump says: “China” first-215
Sun 10/9805 Clinton says: “Iran” first+120
8:00PM806 Trump says: “Iran” first-160
Sun 10/9807 Clinton says: “Iraq” first+140
8:00PM808 Trump says: “Iraq” first-180
Sun 10/9809 Clinton says: “Israel” first-125
8:00PM810 Trump says: “Israel” first-115
Sun 10/9811 Clinton says: “Mexico” first+180
8:00PM812 Trump says: “Mexico” first-260
Sun 10/9813 Clinton says: “Russia” first+180
8:00PM814 Trump says: “Russia” first-260
Sun 10/9815 Clinton says: “United States” first-135
8:00PM816 Trump says: “United States” first-105
Sun 10/9817 Clinton says: “Anderson” first-120
8:00PM818 Trump says: “Anderson” first-120
Sun 10/9819 Clinton says: “Army” first-120
8:00PM820 Trump says: “Army” first-120
Sun 10/9821 Clinton says: “Military” first-120
8:00PM822 Trump says: “Military” first-120
Sun 10/9823 Clinton says: “Navy” first-120
8:00PM824 Trump says: “Navy” first-120
Sun 10/9825 Clinton says: “War” first-135
8:00PM826 Trump says: “War” first-105
Sun 10/9827 Clinton says: “Million” first-120
8:00PM828 Trump says: “Million” first-120
Sun 10/9829 Clinton says: “Billion” first+105
8:00PM830 Trump says: “Billion” first-145
Sun 10/9831 Clinton says: “Trillion” first+130
8:00PM832 Trump says: “Trillion” first-170
Sun 10/9833 Clinton says: “Central” first-145
8:00PM834 Trump says: “Central” first+105
Sun 10/9835 Clinton says: “Crisis” first-170
8:00PM836 Trump says: “Crisis” first+130
Sun 10/9837 Clinton says: “Defend” first-130
8:00PM838 Trump says: “Defend” first-110
Sun 10/9839 Clinton says: “Deport” first-140
8:00PM840 Trump says: “Deport” first+100
Sun 10/9841 Clinton says: “Different” first-175
8:00PM842 Trump says: “Different” first+135
Sun 10/9843 Clinton says: “Dollar” first-120
8:00PM844 Trump says: “Dollar” first-120
Sun 10/9845 Clinton says: “Economy” first-155
8:00PM846 Trump says: “Economy” first+115
Sun 10/9847 Clinton says: “Drug” first+120
8:00PM848 Trump says: “Drug” first-160
Sun 10/9849 Clinton says: “E-Mail” first+200
8:00PM850 Trump says: “E-Mail” first-280
Sun 10/9851 Clinton says: “Emergency” first-120
8:00PM852 Trump says: “Emergency” first-120
Sun 10/9853 Clinton says: “Energy” first-160
8:00PM854 Trump says: “Energy” first+120
Sun 10/9855 Clinton says: “Fact” first-135
8:00PM856 Trump says: “Fact” first-105
Sun 10/9857 Clinton says: “Father” first-260
8:00PM858 Trump says: “Father” first+180
Sun 10/9859 Clinton says: “Fight” first+120
8:00PM860 Trump says: “Fight” first-160
Sun 10/9861 Clinton says: “Fortune” first-260
8:00PM862 Trump says: “Fortune” first+180
Sun 10/9863 Clinton says: “Government” first+180
8:00PM864 Trump says: “Government” first-260
Sun 10/9867 Clinton says: “Great” first+175
8:00PM868 Trump says: “Great” first-245
Sun 10/9869 Clinton says: “Health” first-120
8:00PM870 Trump says: “Health” first-120
Sun 10/9871 Clinton says: “Important” first-280
8:00PM872 Trump says: “Important” first+200
Sun 10/9873 Clinton says: “Job” first-110
8:00PM874 Trump says: “Job” first-130
Sun 10/9875 Clinton says: “Lie” first+140
8:00PM876 Trump says: “Lie” first-180
Sun 10/9877 Clinton says: “Media” first+135
8:00PM878 Trump says: “Media” first-175
Sun 10/9879 Clinton says: “Money” first+140
8:00PM880 Trump says: “Money” first-180
Sun 10/9881 Clinton says: “November” first-120
8:00PM882 Trump says: “November” first-120
Sun 10/9883 Clinton says: “Nuclear” first-120
8:00PM884 Trump says: “Nuclear” first-120
Sun 10/9885 Clinton says: Obamacare” first+200
8:00PM886 Trump says: “Obamacare” first-280
Sun 10/9887 Clinton says: Oval Office” first-125
8:00PM888 Trump says: “Oval Office” first-115
Sun 10/9889 Clinton says: Overseas” first-120
8:00PM890 Trump says: “Overseas” first-120
Sun 10/9891 Clinton says: Police” first-120
8:00PM892 Trump says: “Police” first-120
Sun 10/9893 Clinton says: Policy” first-155
8:00PM894 Trump says: “Policy” first+115
Sun 10/9895 Clinton says: President” first-150
8:00PM896 Trump says: “President” first+110
Sun 10/9897 Clinton says: Recession” first-185
8:00PM898 Trump says: “Recession” first+145
Sun 10/9899 Clinton says: Reduce” first-120
8:00PM900 Trump says: “Reduce” first-120
Sun 10/9901 Clinton says: Secretary” first+125
8:00PM902 Trump says: “Secretary” first-165
Sun 10/9903 Clinton says: Shooting” first-120
8:00PM904 Trump says: “Shooting” first-120
Sun 10/9905 Clinton says: “Social Security” first-120
8:00PM906 Trump says: “Social Security” first-120
Sun 10/9907 Clinton says: “Supreme Court” first-150
8:00PM908 Trump says: “Supreme Court” first+110
Sun 10/9909 Clinton says: “Tax” first-125
9:00PM910 Trump says: “Tax” first-115
Sun 10/9911 Clinton says: “Teacher” first-120
8:00PM912 Trump says: “Teacher” first-120
Sun 10/9913 Clinton says: “Terror” first-120
8:00PM914 Trump says: “Terror” first-120
Sun 10/9915 Clinton says: “Thank You” first-170
8:00PM916 Trump says: “Thank You” first+130
Sun 10/9917 Clinton says: “Unemployment” first-120
8:00PM918 Trump says: “Unemployment” first-120
Sun 10/9919 Clinton says: “Violence” first-120
8:00PM920 Trump says: “Violence” first-120
Sun 10/9921 Clinton says: “Vote” first-160
8:00PM922 Trump says: “Vote” first+120
“Mexico” to be said by: Clinton, Trump, any moderator, any town hall mentions
Sun 10/9951 “Mexico” said over 4½ times-145
9:00PM952 “Mexico” said under 4½ times+105
“Mexico” to be said by: Clinton, Trump, any moderator, any town hall mentions
Sun 10/9953 “Russia” said over 12½ times+180
9:00PM954 “Russia” said under 12½ times-260
“Mexico” to be said by: Clinton, Trump, any moderator, any town hall mentions
Sun 10/9955 “Trillion” said over 10½ times-105
9:00PM956 “Trillion” said under 10½ times-135
www.DebateDrinking.com will be used for grading purposes
Sun 10/9971 Clinton wins debate drinking game+160
9:00PM972 Trump wins debate drinking game-210


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