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American Betting Site Articles Usage Policy

We are always happy when other writers and content creators ask to reference our work. This page will contain everything you need to know about referencing AmericanBetting content on your own site. Follow our simple usage guide and you will have access to hundreds of high-quality sportsbetting articles to aide your work.



What You Can Use

You can use all of our content for your own work as long as it abides by our usage guide below. Some of our work that you mind want to consider using includes:

  • Upcoming match write-ups
  • Season-long projections
  • Gambling industry news
  • Free Picks

usageUsage Guide

We are very proud of the content that we create. All we ask is that you follow these simple guidelines:


  1. The information cited from AmericanBetting does not constitute your entire creative piece. For example, please do not copy our content without adding some work of your own.
  2. You must mention our full website URL the first time that our content is mentioned. For example write something along the lines of “via americanbettingsite.com”.
  3. You must hyperlink a do-follow link to our home-page (https://americanbettingsite.com) to this URL. It is crucial that you verify that this is a do-follow link instead of no-follow. We will be checking.
  4. Any additional references to our content can be done simply using “AmericanBetting” with no hyperlinks needed.
  5. You must provide one do-follow hyperlink to the content that you are referencing. If you are using content from more than one article, please ensure that you repeat this process for each one. This can be done at any point in your article.


As long as you follow these steps you can reference as much AmericanBetting content as you like. You do not need to ask an administrator or writer for permission. We will be verifying that all content abides by these guidelines. We believe that they are very reasonable, and most content-borrowers would likely do it anyways.



Checking dofollow hyperlinks

By default your hyperlinks should automatically be dofollow. Certain websites have additional plugins installed that convert all outgoing links to nofollow. To verify that the links you have are correctly formatted use a web browser that allows you to inspect website code (such as Google Chrome). Locate the hyperlinks to americanbettingsite.com and the content that you are referencing in the developers’ console. If there is no ‘nofollow’ keyword in the HTML tag for each link then you are ready to go.



Failure to Comply 

We make borrowing our content very easy. Our writing staff do not ask for much in exchange for access to hundreds of high-quality articles. There should be no reason why you are unable to follow our citation guide. Failure to comply will result in notification sent to the website administrator. If the content is not modified to abide by our usage rules in 24 hours a DMCA copyright notification will be sent. If you have any questions about our usage policy, please feel free to contact us.

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