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Final 2020 US Presidential Debate Betting Props

The last Presidential debate ahead of the 2020 U.S. general election takes place tomorrow. Joe Biden expanded his betting lead from -130 to -170 following the first debate on September 29th. He currently holds a -180 advantage heading into tonight’s event. Let’s take a look at some of the top betting props for the final debate. Similar to last time these lines were taken from BetOnline.

Keep in mind these are low limit markets and carry little weight apart from entertainment purposes.

2020 Final Debate Props

Viewership Props

Gamblers can wager on how many people will watch the second and final debate. This is based on the Nielsen ratings released the following day on October 23rd.

Total number of viewers for the final presidential debate?

  • Over 67.5 million viewers (+110)
  • Under 67.5 million viewers (-150)

Candidate masks

Will either candidate be seen wearing a facemask during the debate broadcast? The mask must be seen between 9 P.M. eastern standard time and the final commercial break.

Will Joe Biden wear a mask during the broadcast?

  • Yes (-150)
  • No (+110)

Will Donald Trump wear a mask during the broadcast?

  • Yes (+550)
  • No (-1000)

First words

Betting props are available on which words will be mentioned first by the two candidates.

Which term will be used first by either candidate?

  • QAnon (+250)
  • Antifa (-400)

Which term will Donald Trump use first?

  • Fake news (+125)
  • Socialist (+200)
  • Hoax (+500)
  • Lost the left (+500)
  • Crooked Hillary (+600)
  • Rigged (+600)

Which term will Joe Biden use first?

  • Scranton (+150)
  • Come on man (+200)
  • Unpresidential (+250)
  • Clown (+600)
  • Shush (+700)
  • Shut up (+700)

Group chat

Here are some betting props regarding Donald Trump’s position on white supremacist groups and Black Lives Matter.

Will Donald Trump be questioned about white supremacists?

  • Yes (-150)
  • No (+110)

Will Donald Trump denounce white supremacists?

  • Yes (-120)
  • No (-120)

Will Donald Trump mention Black Lives Matter?

  • Yes (+550)
  • No (-1000)


The majority of people watching the final presidential debate are curious if the star of the VP debate will make a second appearance.

Which candidate’s head will a fly land on first?

  • Donald Trump (-300)
  • Joe Biden (+200)

(Of course this one’s likely going to end up graded no action… or is it?)


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