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You can use our interactive map in order to find the American betting sites that are available in your state. Click on your location to be presented a list of all US sportsbooks that you can use. While certain betting sites do not work in all 50 states there are plenty of options available regardless of where you live.


FAQ: United States Betting Sites

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about betting site availability by state. This should answer any basic questions you have about whether or not you can use certain United States betting sites in your state. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will expand this further.

united states betting sites

Can you get in trouble betting in the United States?

While Nevada is the only state with legal and regulated gambling, nobody has ever gotten in trouble for offshore betting. All of theĀ United States betting sites reviewed by AmericanBetting operate in countries where online gambling is both legal and regulated. While you are still operating in a grey area, nothing bad will ever happen.

united states betting sites

Are offshore United States betting sites trustworthy?

Absolutely, however you must do your due diligence in order to check the reviews for the offshore United States betting site that you are thinking of joining. Watchdog websites like AmericanBetting will never recommend an online sportsbook if they have a history of payment trouble. For instance, we will never tell our readers to try our due to suspicious events that have occurred over the last few years. Any site that you see on our website has been approved for safe transfers.

united states betting sites

I noticed most states have the same available betting sites?

There are only a few betting sites that do not work in a few states. The only states with these added restrictions are New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada. However there are plenty of other United States betting sites that work in these regions. The interactive betting map just makes the process a bit easier for individuals looking for a definitive answer.

united states betting sites

Can you help me find a local credit betting site in my area?

As of now AmericanBetting does not support local betting sites reviews. This is something that we may be looking to develop in the coming years. Local sportsbook operators generally like to keep their operations under the radar, so it likely will never happen. Your best chance of finding a local sportsbook is to find other gamblers from your area on social media. Someone will know what is up.

united states betting sites

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