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h3h3 TmarTn CSGO Lotto Scandal Video

h3h3 TmarTn CSGO Lotto Scandal Video

The Valve underaged gambling controversy continues to heat up as popular YouTuber h3h3Productions blasts TmarTn and TheSyndicateProject in his latest video. In front of an audience of nearly 1,600,000 subscribers, host Ethan Klein grilled the two popular YouTubers for their shady behavior in regards to their unregulated CSGO betting site. Here is how the h3h3 TmarTn CSGO Lotto scandal video may impact the fight against underaged gambling.

h3h3 tmartn csgo lottoTmarTn and TheSyndicateProject CSGO Lotto Scandal

If you have not been keeping up with the latest events, we recommend you check out our previous article here. We broke down all of the research featured in HonorTheCall’s TmarTn CSGO Lotto exposing video. Popular YouTubers TmarTn and TheSyndicateProject have been caught lying about their ownership of an underaged gambling site. In past videos they have given their young audiences the impression that they were sponsored by this website. Now there are some serious questions that need answering.

h3h3 tmartn csgo lottoWhy it is a Problem

It is obvious why betting on your own website is unethical. Website administrators have access to the hashes. This gives them the opportunity to know the results of coin flips and dice rolls before they happen. Considering that CSGO Lotto has player-vs-player gambling formats, we can see just how dangerous this could be. Not only could both YouTubers have made fake winning videos in order to draw more underaged gamblers to lose their money, but they also could have been directly stealing from the players they went up against. While we have yet to uncover evidence to prove that either TmarTn or TheSyndicateProject are guilty of this, it is something we must keep in mind going forward.

h3h3 tmartn csgo lottoh3h3 TmarTn CSGO Lotto Scandal Video



On the night of June 3rd 2016, h3h3’s Ethan Klein released a video discussing the scandal. While most of this video simply addressed the research done by HonorTheCall, it is still an important step in the fight against millionaire kids making a ton of money off younger non-millionaire kids. Ethan is the voice of reason on his corner of the Internet. People are going to start to take this seriously now that it has inched closer to being a mainstream issue.

h3h3 tmartn csgo lottoTmarTn’s Response

It was not long after the h3h3 TmarTn CSGO Lotto video was posted for a response to be issued. In his statement he admits that he was wrong about not being more honest about his ownership of the underaged gambling site. He also mentions that he believes everything he has done so far has been legal:h3h3 tmartn csgo lotto


What Will Happen

Since TmarTn stated that he does not being his underaged and unregulated gambling site is illegal, we can expect him and TheSyndicateProject to continue normal operations. Ethan’s video will bring more eyes to HonorTheCall’s research. We can only anticipate that the next pillar in the underaged gambling community will fall sometime in the coming days.


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