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Proof that CSGOLike is scamming users

YouTuber thegregster101 added to the CSGO underaged gambling fire by revealing that one betting site is directly scamming it’s users. In his video, he demonstrates how to check player win percentages on CSGOLike. This reveals that certain individuals had unreal victory rates. Check out his video and leave him some positive feedback for coming clean about the CSGOLike scam.csgolike scam


CSGOLike Scam Evidence

In his video, thegregster101 demonstrates that a user on CSGOLike named Rakanoth has managed to win an impressive 365 out of 366 games. This user has an on-site inventory of over $125,000.  This win percentage is impossible to achieve without knowing the rolls before-hand.

csgolike scamWhat Does the CSGOLike Scam Mean?

Underaged and unregulated CSGO betting sites are falling apart quickly. Every day we hear about a different scandal at a different online casino. A select group of scumbags have managed to swindle millions of dollars away from young individuals through the use of fraudulent advertising on YouTube. Lawsuits will begin to surface in the coming weeks. The best thing we can do is to continue drawing attention to scandals such as the CSGOLike scam so the owners do not get away with what they have done. We encourage other content creators like thegregster101 to come forward with this information. Don’t be a TmarTn.


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