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2016 US Election Betting Markets

US Election Betting Markets for 2016.

us election betting props

2016 US Election Betting Markets: It’s finally Election Day. We are going to be taking a look at some of the various betting props being offered at each of the offshore sportsbooks. Here are the 2016 US Election Betting Markets and props currently available at 5Dimes:

Politics Other SportsSpreadMoney Line
US Presidential Election – Winner
Tue 11/83 Hillary Clinton wins Election-560
8:00AM4 Field wins Presidential Election+430
Tue 11/85 Donald Trump wins Election+440
8:00AM6 Field wins Presidential Election-580
Tue 11/87 Evan McMullin wins Election+50000
8:00AM8 Field wins Presidential Election-250000
Tue 11/89 Bernie Sanders wins Election+100000
8:00AM10 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/811 Tim Kaine wins Election+100000
8:00AM12 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/813 Mike Pence wins Election+100000
8:00AM14 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/815 Paul Ryan wins Election+100000
8:00AM16 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/817 Joe Biden wins Election+100000
8:00AM18 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/819 John Kasich wins Election+100000
8:00AM20 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/821 Gary Johnson wins Election+150000
8:00AM22 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
Tue 11/823 Jill Stein wins Election+200000
8:00AM24 Field wins Presidential Election-999999
any third party winner = no action
Tue 11/831 Republican wins Presidential Election+435
8:00AM32 Democrat wins Presidential Election-570
US Presidential Election – Popular Vote Winner
Tue 11/851 Hillary Clinton wins popular vote-570
8:00AM52 Donald Trump wins popular vote+435
US Presidential Election – Popular Vote Propositions
Tue 11/853 Election winner doesn’t win popular vote+625
8:00AM54 Election winner does win popular vote-950
Tue 11/855 Any candidate over 50% of popular vote+195
8:00AM56 No candidate 50% or more of popular vote-275
US Presidential Election – California Popular Vote Percentage
Tue 11/861 Hillary Clinton CA popular vote % -22 -210
8:00AM62 Donald Trump CA popular vote % +22 +160
US Presidential Election – New York Popular Vote Percentage
Tue 11/863 Hillary Clinton NY popular vote % -20 -145
8:00AM64 Donald Trump NY popular vote % +20 +105
US Presidential Election – Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes
Tue 11/8113 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 360 or more+980
8:00AM114 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 359 or less-1480
Tue 11/8115 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 340 or more+285
8:00AM116 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 339 or less-345
Tue 11/8117 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 330 or more+211
8:00AM118 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 329 or less-251
Tue 11/8119 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 300 or more-245
8:00AM120 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 299 or less+205
Tue 11/8121 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 270 or more-600
8:00AM122 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 269 or less+450
Tue 11/8123 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 240 or more-1520
8:00AM124 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 239 or less+1010
Tue 11/8125 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 210 or more-4850
8:00AM126 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 209 or less+2425
Tue 11/8127 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 180 or more-10400
8:00AM128 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 179 or less+4200
Tue 11/8141 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 330 to 359+310
8:00AM142 Any other result-370
Tue 11/8143 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 300 to 329+145
8:00AM144 Any other result-165
Tue 11/8145 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 270 to 299+450
8:00AM146 Any other result-600
Tue 11/8147 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 240 to 269+825
8:00AM148 Any other result-1275
Tue 11/8149 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 210 to 239+1435
8:00AM150 Any other result-2675
Tue 11/8151 Hillary Clinton EC votes: 180 to 209+4300
8:00AM152 Any other result-10600
US Presidential Election – Electoral College Vote Handicaps
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8161 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +24½ +280
8:00AM162 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -24½ -340
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8163 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +49½ +195
8:00AM164 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -49½ -235
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8165 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +74½ +140
8:00AM166 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -74½ -160
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8167 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +99½ -150
8:00AM168 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -99½ +130
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8169 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +124½ -270
8:00AM170 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -124½ +230
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8171 Donald Trump Electoral College Votes +149½ -525
8:00AM172 Hillary Clinton Electoral College Votes -149½ +415
US Presidential Election – Electoral College Vote a Tie
projected votes based on election day popular vote
Tue 11/8181 Trump/Clinton Electoral College a Tie+2750
8:00AM182 Electoral College Vote not a Tie-6000
US Presidential Election – Democratic Candidate – States Won
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8241 DEM candidate states won over 29½+800
8:00AM242 DEM candidate states won under 29½-1250
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8243 DEM candidate states won over 27½+318
8:00AM244 DEM candidate states won under 27½-385
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8245 DEM candidate states won over 25½-113
8:00AM246 DEM candidate states won under 25½-107
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8247 DEM candidate states won over 23½-400
8:00AM248 DEM candidate states won under 23½+325
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8249 DEM candidate states won over 21½-1185
8:00AM250 DEM candidate states won under 21½+765
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8251 DEM candidate states won: 28-29+535
8:00AM252 Any other result-770
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8253 DEM candidate states won: 26-27+230
8:00AM254 Any other result-270
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8255 DEM candidate states won: 24-25+225
8:00AM256 Any other result-265
total states won by the Democratic Candidate, DC does not apply
Tue 11/8257 DEM candidate states won: 22-23+730
8:00AM258 Any other result-1140
US Presidential Election – Hillary Clinton Popular Vote Percentage
Tue 11/8261 Hillary Clinton 53.000% or more+925
8:00AM262 Hillary Clinton 52.999% or less-1400
Tue 11/8263 Hillary Clinton 50.000% or more+220
8:00AM264 Hillary Clinton 49.999% or less-260
Tue 11/8265 Hillary Clinton 47.000% or more-380
8:00AM266 Hillary Clinton 46.999% or less+315
Tue 11/8267 Hillary Clinton 44.000% or more-1420
8:00AM268 Hillary Clinton 43.999% or less+935
Tue 11/8269 Hillary Clinton 41.000% or more-3300
8:00AM270 Hillary Clinton 40.999% or less+1650
Tue 11/8271 Hillary Clinton 50.000% to 52.999%+345
8:00AM272 Any other result-430
Tue 11/8273 Hillary Clinton 47.000% to 49.999%-103
8:00AM274 Any other result-117
Tue 11/8275 Hillary Clinton 44.000% to 46.999%+465
8:00AM276 Any other result-630
Tue 11/8277 Hillary Clinton 41.000% to 43.999%+1650
8:00AM278 Any other result-3300
US Presidential Election – Donald Trump Popular Vote Percentage
Tue 11/8281 Donald Trump 50.000% or more+1000
8:00AM282 Donald Trump 49.999% or less-1500
Tue 11/8283 Donald Trump 47.000% or more+363
8:00AM284 Donald Trump 46.999% or less-455
Tue 11/8285 Donald Trump 44.000% or more-174
8:00AM286 Donald Trump 43.999% or less+154
Tue 11/8287 Donald Trump 41.000% or more-1060
8:00AM288 Donald Trump 40.999% or less+680
Tue 11/8289 Donald Trump 38.000% or more-5600
8:00AM290 Donald Trump 37.999% or less+2650
Tue 11/8291 Donald Trump 47.000% to 49.999%+570
8:00AM292 Any other result-840
Tue 11/8293 Donald Trump 44.000% to 46.999%-105
8:00AM294 Any other result-115
Tue 11/8295 Donald Trump 41.000% to 43.999%+243
8:00AM296 Any other result-285
Tue 11/8297 Donald Trump 38.000% to 40.999%+920
8:00AM298 Any other result-1395
US Presidential Election – Gary Johnson Popular Vote Percentage
Tue 11/8301 Gary Johnson 6.000% or more+1925
8:00AM302 Gary Johnson 5.999% or less-3850
Tue 11/8303 Gary Johnson 5.000% or more+755
8:00AM304 Gary Johnson 4.999% or less-1175
Tue 11/8305 Gary Johnson 4.000% or more+170
8:00AM306 Gary Johnson 3.999% or less-200
Tue 11/8307 Gary Johnson 3.000% or more-290
8:00AM308 Gary Johnson 2.999% or less+245
Tue 11/8309 Gary Johnson 5.000% to 5.999%+1200
8:00AM310 Any other result-1900
Tue 11/8311 Gary Johnson 4.000% to 4.999%+260
8:00AM312 Any other result-320
Tue 11/8313 Gary Johnson 3.000% to 3.999%+145
8:00AM314 Any other result-165
US Presidential Election – Voter Turnout Percentage
Tue 11/8401 Voter Turnout 66.000% or more+675
8:00AM402 Voter Turnout 65.999% or less-1050
Tue 11/8403 Voter Turnout 62.000% or more+215
8:00AM404 Voter Turnout 61.999% or less-255
Tue 11/8405 Voter Turnout 58.000% or more-148
8:00AM406 Voter Turnout 57.999% or less+128
Tue 11/8407 Voter Turnout 54.000% or more-640
8:00AM408 Voter Turnout 53.999% or less+470
Tue 11/8409 Voter Turnout 50.000% or more-3400
8:00AM410 Voter Turnout 49.999% or less+1700
Tue 11/8411 Voter Turnout 62.000% to 65.999%+365
8:00AM412 Any other result-460
Tue 11/8413 Voter Turnout 58.000% to 61.999%+235
8:00AM414 Any other result-275
Tue 11/8415 Voter Turnout 54.000% to 57.999%+250
8:00AM416 Any other result-300
Tue 11/8417 Voter Turnout 50.000% to 53.999%+615
8:00AM418 Any other result-930
US Senators at the beginning of the 115th Congress
US Senators who caucus with Republicans at least 50 if Republican president elected, at least 51 otherwise
Tue 11/8801 Republicans maintain Senate majority+120
8:00AM802 Republicans no longer Senate majority-150
Republican Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8803 Republicans control Congress & W.House+500
8:00AM804 GOP won’t control Congress & W.House-700
Democratic Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8805 Democrats control Congress & White House+1050
8:00AM806 Dem won’t control Congress & White House-1600
US Presidential Election – Individual State Electoral Votes Winner
Tue 11/81001 Republican candidate wins Alabama-55000
8:00AM1002 Democratic candidate wins Alabama+11000
Tue 11/81003 Republican candidate wins Alaska-510
8:00AM1004 Democratic candidate wins Alaska+340
Tue 11/81005 Republican candidate wins Arizona-400
8:00AM1006 Democratic candidate wins Arizona+280
Tue 11/81007 Republican candidate wins Arkansas-16150
8:00AM1008 Democratic candidate wins Arkansas+4050
Tue 11/81009 Republican candidate wins California+4500
8:00AM1010 Democratic candidate wins California-17500
Tue 11/81011 Republican candidate wins Colorado+330
8:00AM1012 Democratic candidate wins Colorado-490
Tue 11/81013 Republican candidate wins Connecticut+1200
8:00AM1014 Democratic candidate wins Connecticut-2600
Tue 11/81015 Republican candidate wins Delaware+900
8:00AM1016 Democratic candidate wins Delaware-1850
Tue 11/81017 Republican candidate wins Florida+170
8:00AM1018 Democratic candidate wins Florida-230
Tue 11/81019 Republican candidate wins Georgia-530
8:00AM1020 Democratic candidate wins Georgia+350
Tue 11/81021 Republican candidate wins Hawaii+2500
8:00AM1022 Democratic candidate wins Hawaii-7500
Tue 11/81023 Republican candidate wins Idaho-13500
8:00AM1024 Democratic candidate wins Idaho+3500
Tue 11/81025 Republican candidate wins Illinois+1375
8:00AM1026 Democratic candidate wins Illinois-3425
Tue 11/81027 Republican candidate wins Indiana-3000
8:00AM1028 Democratic candidate wins Indiana+1300
Tue 11/81029 Republican candidate wins Iowa-420
8:00AM1030 Democratic candidate wins Iowa+300
Tue 11/81031 Republican candidate wins Kansas-6000
8:00AM1032 Democratic candidate wins Kansas+2000
Tue 11/81033 Republican candidate wins Kentucky-7200
8:00AM1034 Democratic candidate wins Kentucky+2400
Tue 11/81035 Republican candidate wins Louisiana-4500
8:00AM1036 Democratic candidate wins Louisiana+1500
Tue 11/81037 Republican candidate wins Maine+600
8:00AM1038 Democratic candidate wins Maine-1200
Tue 11/81039 Republican candidate wins Maryland+7500
8:00AM1040 Democratic candidate wins Maryland-32500
Tue 11/81041 Republican candidate wins Massachussetts+5400
8:00AM1042 Democratic candidate wins Massachussetts-21200
Tue 11/81043 Republican candidate wins Michigan+360
8:00AM1044 Democratic candidate wins Michigan-540
Tue 11/81045 Republican candidate wins Minnesota+830
8:00AM1046 Democratic candidate wins Minnesota-1730
Tue 11/81047 Republican candidate wins Mississippi-5250
8:00AM1048 Democratic candidate wins Mississippi+1750
Tue 11/81049 Republican candidate wins Missouri-2450
8:00AM1050 Democratic candidate wins Missouri+1150
Tue 11/81051 Republican candidate wins Montana-2600
8:00AM1052 Democratic candidate wins Montana+1200
Tue 11/81053 Republican candidate wins Nebraska-3600
8:00AM1054 Democratic candidate wins Nebraska+1400
Tue 11/81055 Republican candidate wins Nevada+325
8:00AM1056 Democratic candidate wins Nevada-475
Tue 11/81057 Republican candidate wins New Hampshire+250
8:00AM1058 Democratic candidate wins New Hampshire-350
Tue 11/81059 Republican candidate wins New Jersey+1250
8:00AM1060 Democratic candidate wins New Jersey-2750
Tue 11/81061 Republican candidate wins New Mexico+575
8:00AM1062 Democratic candidate wins New Mexico-1125
Tue 11/81063 Republican candidate wins New York+6000
8:00AM1064 Democratic candidate wins New York-24000
Tue 11/81065 Republican candidate wins North Carolina-120
8:00AM1066 Democratic candidate wins North Carolina-120
Tue 11/81067 Republican candidate wins North Dakota-2750
8:00AM1068 Democratic candidate wins North Dakota+1250
Tue 11/81069 Republican candidate wins Ohio-245
8:00AM1070 Democratic candidate wins Ohio+175
Tue 11/81071 Republican candidate wins Oklahoma-32500
8:00AM1072 Democratic candidate wins Oklahoma+7500
Tue 11/81073 Republican candidate wins Oregon+1000
8:00AM1074 Democratic candidate wins Oregon-2000
Tue 11/81075 Republican candidate wins Pennsylvania+335
8:00AM1076 Democratic candidate wins Pennsylvania-505
Tue 11/81077 Republican candidate wins Rhode Island+1300
8:00AM1078 Democratic candidate wins Rhode Island-3000
Tue 11/81079 Republican candidate wins South Carolina-1950
8:00AM1080 Democratic candidate wins South Carolina+950
Tue 11/81081 Republican candidate wins South Dakota-3425
8:00AM1082 Democratic candidate wins South Dakota+1375
Tue 11/81083 Republican candidate wins Tennessee-7500
8:00AM1084 Democratic candidate wins Tennessee+2500
Tue 11/81085 Republican candidate wins Texas-4650
8:00AM1086 Democratic candidate wins Texas+1550
Tue 11/81089 Republican candidate wins Vermont+1700
8:00AM1090 Democratic candidate wins Vermont-5100
Tue 11/81091 Republican candidate wins Virginia+520
8:00AM1092 Democratic candidate wins Virginia-960
Tue 11/81093 Republican candidate wins Washington+2000
8:00AM1094 Democratic candidate wins Washington-6000
Tue 11/81095 Republican candidate wins West Virginia-11000
8:00AM1096 Democratic candidate wins West Virginia+3000
Tue 11/81097 Republican candidate wins Wisconsin+550
8:00AM1098 Democratic candidate wins Wisconsin-1050
Tue 11/81099 Republican candidate wins Wyoming-5550
8:00AM1100 Democratic candidate wins Wyoming+1850
Tue 11/81101 Republican candidate wins Utah-855
8:00AM1102 Field wins Utah+485
Tue 11/81103 Democratic candidate wins Utah+1600
8:00AM1104 Field wins Utah-4800
Tue 11/81105 Evan McMullin wins Utah+600
8:00AM1106 Field wins Utah-1200
US Presidential Election – Gary Johnson Popular Vote Percentage – New Mexico
Tue 11/81201 Gary Johnson popular vote NM ov 9.999%+110
8:00AM1202 Gary Johnson popular vote NM un 9.999%-150
US Senate Race – Alabama Winner
Tue 11/82001 Richard Shelby (R) wins AL election-300000
8:00AM2002 Ron Crumpton (D) wins AL election+60000
US Senate Race – Alaska Winner
Tue 11/82003 Lisa Murkowski (R) wins AK election-14600
8:00AM2004 Ray Metcalfe (D) wins AK election+3800
US Senate Race – Arkansas Winner
Tue 11/82005 John Boozman (R) wins AR election-8900
8:00AM2006 Conner Eldridge (D) wins AR election+2700
US Senate Race – Arizona Winner
Tue 11/82007 John McCain (R) wins AZ election-4275
8:00AM2008 Ann Kirkpatrick (D) wins AZ election+1475
US Senate Race – California Winner
Tue 11/82009 Kamala Harris (D) wins CA election-5250
8:00AM2010 Loretta Sanchez (D) wins CA election+1750
US Senate Race – Colorado Winner
Tue 11/82011 Darryl Glenn (R) wins CO election+700
8:00AM2012 Michael Bennet (D) wins CO election-1500
US Senate Race – Connecticut Winner
Tue 11/82013 Dan Carter (R) wins CT election+13500
8:00AM2014 Richard Blumenthal (D) wins CT election-67500
US Senate Race – Florida Winner
Tue 11/82019 Marco Rubio (R) wins FL election-1200
8:00AM2020 Patrick Murphy (D) wins FL election+600
US Senate Race – Georgia Winner
Tue 11/82021 Johnny Isakson (R) wins GA election-6600
8:00AM2022 Jim Barksdale (D) wins GA election+2200
US Senate Race – Hawaii Winner
Tue 11/82023 John Carroll (R) wins HI election+50000
8:00AM2024 Brian Schatz (D) wins HI election-250000
US Senate Race – Idaho Winner
Tue 11/82025 Mike Crapo (R) wins ID election-137500
8:00AM2026 Jerry Sturgill (D) wins ID election+27500
US Senate Race – Illinois Winner
Tue 11/82027 Mark Kirk (R) wins IL election+1350
8:00AM2028 Tammy Duckworth (D) wins IL election-3250
US Senate Race – Indiana Winner
Tue 11/82029 Todd Young (R) wins IN election-245
8:00AM2030 Evan Bayh (D) wins IN election+175
US Senate Race – Iowa Winner
Tue 11/82031 Chuck Grassley (R) wins IA election-32500
8:00AM2032 Patty Judge (D) wins IA election+7500
US Senate Race – Kansas Winner
Tue 11/82033 Jerry Moran (R) wins KS election-300000
6:00AM2034 Patrick Wiesner (D) wins KS election+60000
US Senate Race – Kentucky Winner
Tue 11/82035 Rand Paul (R) wins KY election-2750
8:00AM2036 Jim Gray (D) wins KY election+1250
US Senate Race – Maryland Winner
Tue 11/82041 Kathy Szeliga (R) wins MD election+27500
8:00AM242 Chris Van Hollen (D) wins MD election-137500
US Senate Race – Missouri Winner
Tue 11/82049 Roy Blunt (R) wins MO election-155
8:00AM2050 Jason Kander (D) wins MO election+115
US Senate Race – North Carolina Winner
Tue 11/82055 Richard Burr (R) wins NC election-400
8:00AM2056 Deborah Ross (D) wins NC election+280
US Senate Race – North Dakota Winner
Tue 11/82057 John Hoeven (R) wins ND election-82500
8:00AM2058 Eliot Glassheim (D) wins ND election+16500
US Senate Race – New Hampshire Winner
Tue 11/82061 Kelly Ayotte (R) wins NH election-130
8:00AM2062 Maggie Hassan (D) wins NH election-110
US Senate Race – Nevada Winner
Tue 11/82067 Joe Heck (R) wins NV election+200
8:00AM2068 Catherine Cortez M. (D) wins NV election-280
US Senate Race – New York Winner
Tue 11/82069 Wendy Long (R) wins NY election+60000
8:00AM2070 Chuck Schumer (D) wins NY election-300000
US Senate Race – Ohio Winner
Tue 11/82071 Rob Portman (R) wins OH election-16900
8:00AM2072 Ted Strickland (D) wins OH election+4300
US Senate Race – Oklahoma Winner
Tue 11/82073 James Lankford (R) wins OK election-55000
8:00AM2074 Mike Workman (D) wins OK election+11000
US Senate Race – Oregon Winner
Tue 11/82075 Mark Callahan (R) wins OR election+16500
8:00AM2076 Ron Wyden (D) wins OR election-82500
US Senate Race – Pennsylvania Winner
Tue 11/82077 Pat Toomey (R) wins PA election+295
8:00AM2078 Kathleen McGinty (D) wins PA election-415
US Senate Race – South Carolina Winner
Tue 11/82083 Tim Scott (R) wins SC election-60000
8:00AM2084 Thomas Dixon (D) wins SC election+12000
US Senate Race – South Dakota Winner
Tue 11/82085 John Thune (R) wins SD election-125000
8:00AM2086 Jay Williams (D) wins SD election+25000
US Senate Race – Utah Winner
Tue 11/82091 Mike Lee (R) wins UT election-300000
8:00AM2092 Misty Snow (D) wins UT election+60000
US Senate Race – Vermont Winner
Tue 11/82095 Scott Milne (R) wins VT election+35000
8:00AM2096 Patrick Leahy (D) wins VT election-175000
US Senate Race – Washington Winner
Tue 11/82097 Chris Vance (R) wins WA election+12000
8:00AM2098 Patty Murray (D) wins WA election-60000
US Senate Race – Wisconsin Winner
Tue 11/82099 Ron Johnson (R) wins WI election+550
8:00AM2100 Russ Feingold (D) wins WI election-1050
US Gubernatorial Race – Delaware Winner
Tue 11/82501 Colin Bonini (R) wins DE election+3000
8:00AM2502 John Carney (D) wins DE election-11000
US Gubernatorial Race – Indiana Winner
Tue 11/82503 Eric Holcomb (R) wins IN election+220
8:00AM2504 John Gregg (D) wins IN election-300
US Gubernatorial Race – Missouri Winner
Tue 11/82505 Eric Greitens (R) wins MO election+140
8:00AM2506 Chris Koster (D) wins MO election-180
US Gubernatorial Race – New Hampshire Winner
Tue 11/82507 Chris Sununu (R) wins NH election+160
8:00AM2508 Colin Van Ostern (D) wins NH election-210
US Gubernatorial Race – North Carolina Winner
Tue 11/82509 Pat McCrory (R) wins NC election+170
8:00AM2510 Roy Cooper (D) wins NC election-230
US Gubernatorial Race – Vermont Winner
Tue 11/82511 Phil Scott (R) wins VT election-750
8:00AM2512 Sue Minter (D) wins VT election+450
US Gubernatorial Race – Washington Winner
Tue 11/82513 Bill Bryant (R) wins WA election+4000
8:00AM2514 Jay Inslee (D) wins WA election-16000
US Gubernatorial Race – West Virginia Winner
Tue 11/82515 Bill Cole (R) wins WV election+220
8:00AM2516 Jim Justice (D) wins WV election-300


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