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Our team has put together a database of all our American betting site reviews. Find out how you can start making money by wagering on sports. Check out our detailed American betting site reviews to find the perfect online sportsbook for you. There are many offshore sportsbetting sites that accept customers from the United States. Use our reviews to compare them to find the option that works best for you.

American Betting Sites by State

Most offshore betting sites are available for use in all 50 states. However there are some that have added restrictions in certain regions. If you want to make sure that a United States sportsbook works where you are located, feel free to click here to be redirected to our interactive betting map. This will allow you to see every American betting site that works in your exact location. american betting site reviews

How We Grade Sportsbooks

We review all of the aspects that we believe make up a good online betting site. These range from the signup promo to the quality of the odds. Our written and video will tell you everything you would ever want to know about every American betting site. Here are the criteria that we consider, along with it's weight in the overall review score:
  • Signup bonuses for new customers (10%)
  • Deposit time and methods (10%)
  • Payout time and reliability (25%)
  • Available games to bet on (15%)
  • Betting markets (10%)
  • Competitive odds (20%)
  • Livebetting system (5%)
  • Customer support (5%)
american betting site reviews

Safe American Betting Site Reviews

We provide our readers with the guarantee that only trustworthy and reliable American betting sites get a review score of above 70%. While most offshore betting sites that accept United States customers run an honest operation, there are some bad eggs. You should not trust any sportsbook that receives a review score below 70% on our website, as that indicates that they have a shady past. american betting site reviews
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Betting Map

Our interactive betting map tracks each states current sports betting legislative status as of September 2023: alabama betting sites

Betting Site Reviews

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