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Bill Simmons NFL Picks Week 2

Bill Simmons NFL Picks Week 2.

bill simmons nfl picks week 2

Bill Simmons’ NFL picks went 4-4-0 (-0.4%) to start the season. You can check out the previous article and the corresponding recap for Week 1. I have put together a list of Bill Simmons’ NFL Picks for Week 2 mentioned on his podcasts and Twitter feed.

Cousin Sal Podcast

Bill Simmons had Cousin Sal on for their Wednesday podcast. I am not sure if it was because it was being recorded in a studio with 20 people watching them live but they did not give many predictions for this upcoming week. The only qualifying pick that I was able to collect from Bill was the New York Jets -1 against the Buffalo Bills for the Thursday Night game.

Joe House Podcast

Bill Simmons and Joe House recorded their Friday Rollin’ podcast on September 16th. They started off their segment together with their three weekly picks. Here were both of their predictions along with the corresponding reasoning:

  • Joe House started off with Dallas Cowboys +3 at the Washington Redskins. He said he is happily overreacting to last week’s performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe House said he was more concerned with Washington’s defense despite a brutal offensive performance. He says they were one of the worst teams against the run last season and have done nothing to change that this season. Joe said Dallas has shown a bit of competence running the ball in Week 1 with the tandem of Alfred Morris and Ezekiel Elliott.


  • Bill Simmons picked the Tennessee Titans +6 at the Detroit Tigers. He was impressed with how they hung around with Minnesota last week. Bill said he watched the Lions against the Colts and thought it was more a product of Indianapolis being a weak team than Detroit playing well. He does not understand why they are 6-point favorites against any team. Bill ended off by saying “at worst they get a last minute touchdown for the cover”.


  • Joe House‘s second pick was the Carolina Panthers -13 hosting the San Francisco Giants. He started off by saying that the Niners have to travel across the country and play on short rest against a Panthers team that has been off for 10 days. Cam Newton is 4-1 against the spread in the home opener. He also said there were 6 games last year where the spread was 13 or higher and the underdog never covered.


  • Bill Simmons also went with Carolina Panthers -13 for his second pick. He said if Carolina get the lead the game is over. There would be no chance that Blane Gabbert could bring the 49ers back if they were to go down 17-0. He says he does not feel bad about making this pick because the Panthers lost Week 1 and thus he is not overreacting to anything.


  • Joe House went with the Kansas City Chiefs +2.5 at the Houston Texans for his final pick. He claims that the better team is getting points here. He referenced the last time that the Chiefs played in Houston where they won easily. Joe says the Texans have not earned the status as favorites. Andy Reid is over 60% against the spread on the road, and is a 67% winner against the spread in road openers. He ended off by saying the Texans do not play well against the AFC West (3-8 ATS over the last 11 games).


  • Bill Simmons final pick was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7 in Arizona. He says the line feels a little high. He was not impressed with the Cardinals last week. He did not like how the GM was calling out players, and he thought Palmer had a very bad game. Bill finished off by saying Jameis Winston will throw at AZ corner Brandon Williams all game.

Before giving his third pick Bill revealed some of the other bets he was considering for his contest against House. I will be considering all of these as qualifying bets for the record: Houston Texans -2.5, New York Giants -4.5, Cincinnati Bengals +3.5, and Jacksonville Jaguars +3.

Bill Simmons NFL Picks

Here are Bill Simmons’ NFL picks for Week 2 collected from his podcast and Twitter feed. Bill tweeted out his Super Contest picks a few hours before kickoff last Sunday. All of those were consistent with the plays he discussed or hinted towards on the podcasts. If there are any different picks in this week’s Super Contest entries I will update this article:

  • New York Jets -1
  • Tennessee Titans +6*
  • Carolina Panthers -13*
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7*
  • Houston Texans -2.5
  • Cincinnati Bengals +3.5
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +3*
  • New York Giants -4.5*

Bill Simmons Betting Record

Bill Simmons NFL betting record through Week 1 is 4-4-0 (-$400). I will be keeping a running list of his season picks each article. For the sake of tracking I will be assuming a unit size of $1000:

  • Week 1: Carolina Panthers -3.5 (-$1100)
  • Week 1: Green Bay Packers -5.5 (-$1100)
  • Week 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5 (+$1000)*
  • Week 1: Baltimore Ravens -3 (+$1000)*
  • Week 1: Washington Redskins +3.5 (-$1100)*
  • Week 1: Oakland Raiders +1.5 (+$1000)*
  • Week 1: Detroit Lions +3.5 (+$1000)*
  • Week 1: Los Angeles Rams -2.5 (-$1100)

*Super Contest Picks


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