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5000-to-won: Leicester City win the Premier League

What is said to be the biggest underdog victory in sports history was finally complete on Monday, with Tottenham collapsing in the second half to draw Chelsea 2-2. The 5000-to-1 pre-season Leicester City managed to claim the championship of England in only 36 games.

All of the bloggers are rushing to get down their hot takes as soon as possible. I want to take a very quick view of this just to make sure everyone understands how big of an upset this was. I hate cross-sport comparisons, especially when it comes to gambling, but I am going to break my rule just this once.

The Arizona Coyotes had the longest odds to win the 2015-16 NHL season at at price of 150/1. While the NHL does have more teams than the Premier League, there is a lot more parity. When we see a weaker team defeat a stronger team in hockey, people typically do not lose their minds. When a team that is expected to be in the relegation table defeats a Champions and Europa League squad, people take notice. And when they do it consistently every week, magic happens.

You will notice that a lot of the big media who have all of a sudden decided to start covering sportsbetting are noting that this is the biggest single-event loss in sports history for bookmakers. Some English shops recording having to payout over 3-million in British Pounds. What nobody will tell you is how much of a handle they pulled on the bets on every other team. Nobody is going out of business over the result of the 2015-16 season, and any hyperbole comments made by bookmakers is purely for show.

Was it the biggest pre-season win in history? Absolutely. But if we account for all situations, the 2006 Cardinals have something to say about it. 


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