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Northern Ireland vs Germany Euro 2016 Free Picks

northern ireland vs germany

Here are my projections for today’s Euro 2016 match featuring Northern Ireland vs Germany. The odds featured here are available from widely available high-limit sharp markets. For now all free picks can be accessed by website guests, however in the next few weeks we will be modifying our website software to restrict it to all registered users only. Please take a few moments to create a free American Betting account.



Northern Ireland vs Germany

We will be placing a 1% wager on the over 2.5 at +110 odds from Pinnacle for Northern Ireland vs Germany. My current record for free picks are 1-0-1 for (+0.96%) following a win on the France/Switzerland draw and a loss on the Romania/Albania draw. All wagers in my articles will be for 1% unless otherwise specified. Remember that all of my free picks are based on expected value wagering. It is crucial that you get as close to the same line as I do or better. I believe this line will only be getting worse as we move towards game-time, so I would recommend locking it in as soon as possible.


American Betting Record

My free play record on American Betting is currently 1-0-1 (+0.96%). This is also my record for the Euro 2016 tournament. I will be updating this in each of my posts (which should come once every two or three days depending on the staff).


About Rival

I use a conservative 1% flat betting system on all of my plays. I only place a wager when I know it is +EV. I do not use trends or other useless information in my process. The best way to contact me if you have any questions is through the comment sections on the appropriate posts. I currently do not have a Twitter account but I plan on setting one up in the next few weeks after Lucas finishes launching the site.




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