Cousin Sal NFL Picks Week 1 Recap

Here are the results for Cousin Sal's NFL picks Week 1.

sal's sure thing week 1

Earlier this week I posted an article saying that I was going to be tracking Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal’s betting progress this season. Last week Sal announced that he will be releasing his picks on a new web series hosted on FaceBook. You can click here to view the previous article which outlined his reasoning behind each pick. Here are the results from Sal’s Sure Thing Week 1 premier episode.

Cousin Sal Week 1

LOSS: Tennessee Titans (+2) vs. Minnesota Vikings

Cousin Sal’s first NFL pick was the Tennessee Titans as home underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings. They lost by a score of 25-16. Sal risked $770 to profit $700 on this wager for a net result of -$770.

sal's sure thing week 1


WIN: Detroit Lions (+3.5) at Indianapolis Colts

The second pick for the opening week of games was the Detroit Lions as road underdogs at Indianapolis. The Lions won outright in a high-scoring game by a score of 39-35. Cousin Sal risked $1320 to profit $1200 for a net result of +$1200.

sal's sure thing week 1


LOSS: Chicago Bears (+6) at Houston Texans

Cousin Sal’s best bet for Week 1 of the NFL season was the Chicago Bears +6 visiting the Houston Texans. The Bears lead by 4 at the half but were shutout in the second half to lose 23-14. Sal risked $1980 to profit $1800 for a net result of -$1980.

sal's sure thing week 1

Season Record

Cousin Sal went 1-2-0 on his three Week 1 NFL picks for a net result of -$1550. This brings his year-to-date record to… 1-2-0 (-$1550). You know because the season just started. I will also keep together a running list of all his picks throughout the year in each recap article:

  • Week 1: Tennessee Titans +2 (-$770)
  • Week 1: Detroit Lions +3.5 (+$1200)
  • Week 1: Chicago Bears +6 (-$1980)