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Las Vegas Golden Knights Betting

After months of back-and-forth it's finally official.

las vegas golden knights betting

After months of wrestling with copyright holders the Las Vegas hockey team finally has a name. At the start of the week it was looking as though the Desert Knights would become a reality. While that would not have been the worst possible outcome the name that they settled on is better. Here are a few early thoughts on the Las Vegas Golden Knights betting implications for the upcoming season.

Las Vegas Golden Knights Betting

Is it too early to be writing an article like this given that we do not know what the roster looks like? Absolutely. But if useless content did not exist the Internet would be rather bare.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an expansion team is many years of abysmal performances. A group of fringe NHLers and misfits heading to the slaughter knight after knight. And while this is going to be true to a certain extent it does not mean that they should be seen as an automatic fade from a sportsbetting standpoint. A writer from Canadian sports media website TSN.ca published an article today with an early look at the potential Golden Knights roster following the expansion draft (with salary considerations). Take a look:

las vegas golden knights betting

Will this team be making the playoffs in their first year? Probably not. Will there be potential value in betting on them during the early matches of their existence? Most likely. While the expansion roster is going to seem underwhelming on paper we must not forget the parity of hockey. Bottom teams beat top teams multiple times per week and nobody blinks an eye.

In related news it appears as though NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will not be making any attempt to ban Las Vegas sportsbooks from taking wagers on the local team. I read some early posts on a sportsbetting forum suggesting that there could be value fading them because of “home money”. Don’t count on it.


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