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Stephan Gotten Introduction

Introducing American Betting Site's NITRO.

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As myself and Lucas are getting closer to completing the development of this website I thought it would be fitting to give a short introduction. I have already began writing some content for American Betting Site. Some of you probably read my eSports articles covering the downfall of CSGO gambling. This included the CSGO Diamonds and TmarTn incidents.

I am the co-administrator of American Betting Site. I am the one who handles most of the hosting and web design. When the NFL season rolls around I will be writing more articles and guides.

I have been friends with Lucas for four years. We were both members of an online gambling community. We became friends through the site and eventually exchanged Skype information in order to begin working further on other projects. Earlier this summer he proposed starting our own American sportsbetting website featuring articles and guides. It always peeved both of us to see misinformation in the world of gambling. The goal of our website is to put all of the correct information in one accessible place.

Luckily for us we both lived in New York City. We met up and hashed out the details and the website was officially launched. We recruited a few friends of ours that we had met in online gambling communities who we trust. We will eventually be recruiting more writers and guide-makers who we believe understand correct sportsbetting practices.

A bit of information about myself: My name is Stephan Gotten. I am currently 26 years old. I am a born and raised New Yorker. My allegiance lie with the Mets, Knicks, Islanders, and Jets. I started betting on sports at the age of 17 (which I will not get into). I began taking things seriously after I turned 23 after Lucas showed me some projects that he was working on. The main sports that I bet on are professional basketball and football. I look forward to providing some free pick write-ups for both of these.

Lucas set me up with a Twitter account (@NitroBetting) that I am going to try to stay active on. My main role is going to be working behind the scenes so that is likely the best place to contact me. I will also be available at nitro@berlin.com if you have any other inquiries.

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