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Bill Simmons NFL Futures 2017

Bill Simmons NFL futures predictions for the 2016-17 season.

I have decided to track Bill Simmons NFL predictions for the 2016-17 season. On Wednesday Bill released a NFL betting preview podcast with Cousin Sal and Joe House. They each made a variety of predictions including division winners, season win totals, and futures. To keep things simple I have decided to split them up into different articles. Here are Bill Simmons NFL futures for the 2016-17 season.

bill simmons nfl futures 2017

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bill simmons nfl futures 2017

Bill Simmons NFL MVP Pick

I plan on focusing my tracking to Bill Simmons’ wagers and predictions throughout the season, but given that Cousin Sal and Joe House were giving their picks I have decided to list them all in one place.

  • Bill Simmons: Russell Wilson (8/1)
  • Cousin Sal: Aaron Rodgers (6/1)
  • Joe House: Tom Brady (16/1)


Offensive Rookie of the Year

Bill Simmons has listed this as his lock of the year stating that the line should be at -300.

  • Bill Simmons: Ezekiel Elliott (+130)
  • Cousin Sal: Tajae Sharp (30/1), Devontae Booker (40/1)
  • Joe House: Ezekiel Elliott (+130)


Passing Yards

  • Bill Simmons: None 
  • Cousin Sal: Phil Rivers (+750)
  • Joe House: Kirk Cousins (25/1)


Rushing Yards

  • Bill Simmons: Ezekiel Elliott (+850) 
  • Cousin Sal: None
  • Joe House: None


Defensive Player of the Year

  • Bill Simmons: Khalil Mack (+550) 
  • Cousin Sal: Khalil Mack (+550) and Marcus Peters (200/1)
  • Joe House: None


First Coach Fired

  • Bill Simmons: Mike McCoy (5/1) and longshot on Mike McCarthy (80/1)
  • Cousin Sal: Jeff Fisher (9/1)
  • Joe House: Rex Ryan (16/1)



Things got less structured at this part of the podcast so it is hard to know who was serious about what. Bill Simmons did seem interested in taking the special prop on one team to reach 14 or more wins at +200 odds.


New Podcast Date

On today’s season preview podcast Bill Simmons announced that his NFL weekly betting podcast with Cousin Sal where they attempt to guess the lines has been moved from Monday to Thursday (with the show being recorded on Wednesday).


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