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Early 2017 NHL Betting Odds

Early look at the 2017 Stanley Cup betting odds.

2017 nhl betting odds

It is never too early to take a look at the 2017 NHL betting odds. We are going to take a look at what the oddsmakers have to say about this upcoming season. I will also be providing you with some of my picks that I believe have the most value. Please keep in mind that I will be picking futures wagers based on which lines I believe give us the largest advantage, and not which teams I think are going to win it all.

2017 nhl betting odds2017 NHL Betting Odds

The 2017 NHL Stanley Cup betting odds featured in this video have been taken from 5Dimes. This is an American betting site that you can access from all 50 states. You can check out our review here, and get the December 2023 signup bonus here. We have chosen this sportsbook for this article as they accept high-limit action and thus are more inclined to have an accurate reflection of the current betting market.

2017 nhl futuresThe eastern feature the three highest ranked teams with the Pittsburgh Penguins (+750), Tampa Bay Lightning (+900), and Washington Capitals (+1000). The highest ranked team in the West is the Chicago Blackhawks (+1200). The teams with the furthest odds are two Canadian clubs in rebuilding mode with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks tied at +10000.

2017 nhl betting oddsGood Bets – 2017 NHL Betting Odds

We are going to take a look at the 2017 NHL betting odds in order to find a few teams that are worth betting on. Our goal is to determine where the value is; which teams will win the Cup a higher percentage of the time than their odds suggest? The first one that comes to mind is the Washington Capitals. In my opinion they are the best team in the eastern conference. My early numbers project them winning the Cup more often than their current +1000 mark indicates. I would advise buying 1% on the Capitals before the season begins as they will drop into the triple digits quickly once play begins.

2017 nhl betting oddsPicking the strongest team in the Western Conference is a bit tricky. My early numbers indicate that the St. Louis Blues are the strongest team, followed by the Anaheim Ducks. I would advise a 1% wager on both of these teams (Blues at +1250, Ducks at +1600). One of these two teams will reach the finals a high percentage of the time.

2017 nhl betting previewThere are two long shot teams that I believe are worth a small wager. The first one is the Buffalo Sabres at +6600. Casual hockey bettors might not be able to bring themselves to bet on the Sabres after these past seasons, but this line is nothing but criminal. This roster continues to improve each year. I believe they are a far better team than some of the squads that have shorter odds than them. I would not be surprised if the Buffalo Sabres had a more successful season overall than the New Jersey Devils, Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, and Philadelphia Flyers (four teams that have better chances to win the Cup according to oddsmakers). Based on the 2017 NHL betting odds I would advise a small 0.2% wager on the Buffalo Sabres.

2017 nhl betting oddsThe final long shot that I am going to advise betting on are the Winnipeg Jets. They are currently sitting at the same price as Buffalo (+6600). My early numbers do not indicate as large of a betting edge as the one found with the Sabres, but there is an advantage. I am going to advise a small 0.1% wager on the Winnipeg Jets.

2017 nhl betting oddsBad Bets – 2017 NHL Betting Odds

There are a few teams that I would recommend staying far away from. The most notable one is the Chicago Blackhawks at +1200. The Hawks currently have the shortest odds to win the Stanley Cup out of any Western Conference team. This should be to nobody’s surprise as the Blackhawks have always been a public darling. I have many issues with this year’s current roster. Chicago have found most of their past success from having a deep team. Throughout the years their cap has became more and more top-heavy (which is only natural). I believe the bottom half of their team will be a relative liability. I would avoid betting on this team.

2017 nhl betting oddsThe other team that I believe you should avoid are the New York Rangers at +2500. I am fairly confident that they will not make the playoffs this year. The early numbers that I am using tell me that this is one of the worst futures bets you could make. I project that this is going to be a very rough season for Rangers fans.

2017 nhl betting odds

2017 NHL Betting Odds Conclusion

I will be releasing a detailed NHL season betting preview once we are a few weeks from puck-drop. I plan on writing many hockey-related articles for American Betting Site over the course of the season. We will likely add some more futures wagers later on, but the ones added today will be included in my overall record. Feel free to comment down below which teams you believe have the most betting value for this upcoming season.

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