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American Betting Sites that accept Bitcoin

Here is a list of all the US sportsbetting sites that accept Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method. Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency that offers many benefits to bettors in the United States. This payment method permits you to send instant and anonymous payments with hardly any fees. As of 2016 most offshore American betting sites have begun accepting this payment method.


Instant Bitcoin Payments

One of the major benefits of cryptocurrencies for American betting sites are that the transactions are instant. Once you send the funds it will arrive in the other person’s wallet in a matter of seconds. This allows offshore US sportsbooks to offer payouts in under 24 hours. Gone are the days of having to wait over two weeks to receive a check.


Anonymous Transactions

One of the main reasons why people do not use offshore sportsbooks is because they do not like giving out their personal information. One of the great features about cryptocurrencies is that there is no personal information attached to your wallet. Randomly generated hash addresses are used as identifiers.



Very Little Bitcoin Fees

There are very little fees associated with sending a Bitcoin payment. The fee is used to pay the cryptocurrency miners who are performing calculations to approve the transactions. You can pick how large a fee your transaction will have (the higher the amount the quicker it will be processed). However you will find that most of your payments will have fees of under $0.50.


Sell Bitcoin For PayPal

Once you request a cryptocurrency payout from an American betting site you can have the option to convert it into PayPal. This will allow you to transfer the money to your bank in standard US currency. There are a variety of different trading sites that will allow you to perform safe exchanges. I personally recommend LocalBitcoins.com as they have an escrow and reputation system.

Bitcoin US Sportsbooks

Here is a list of all of the American betting sites that accept Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method. Our team will keep this page updated to ensure it contains valid information.We have created written and video sportsbook reviews for each site to help you find the option most suitable to your needs. Feel free to check out our lists of American betting site deposit methods and withdrawal methods.


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