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We have put together a series of free sportsbetting guides to help you improve. These guides cover a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced concepts. It is important that you learn the fundamentals of sportsbetting from a trusted source to ensure you are consuming correct information.

sportsbetting guides

How does profitable sportsbetting work?

There exists a margin between the betting lines offered at a sportsbook and the market’s expected value. Oddsmakers adjust their lines in an attempt to control the action on a given match. This is done with the goal of either achieving an equal amount of money staked on either side of a market, or to take a position (where they believe they have the advantage).

sportsbetting guides

Expected Value

The expected value of a betting market is it’s true value. A team’s average win percentage, margin of victory, or total points scored if the match were to be played an infinite number of times. Being able to evaluate expected value is a fundamental of profitable sportsbetting. As previously mentioned oddsmakers adjust their lines away from the expected value in consideration of their customers’ betting habits. A team with a true winning percentage of 56% might have -110 money line odds. In order to justify placing a wager with -110 odds you need to win at least 52.38% of the time (the break-even percentage). Since this is the case, we are making a good bet.

sportsbetting guides

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Beginner Sportsbetting Guides

Start off by learning the fundamentals. Our beginner sportsbetting guides walk you through the basics. Let us teach you about core betting concepts with correct information. Be prepared to learn about:

  • Common betting terms.
  • Dangers of the sportsbetting industry.
  • Navigating the sportsbook.
  • Identifying different types of odds.
  • Proper bankroll management.
  • Recognizing relevant information.

sportsbetting guides

Not Just for Rookies!

Do not skip over these guides just because you have some betting experience. With all the misinformation floating around the internet regarding sportsbetting it’s possible you have an incorrect approach to certain concepts. Learn the fundamentals from the ground-up to ensure you are confident in your knowledge.

Beginner Guides

Advanced Sportsbetting Guides

Our advanced sportsbetting guides will cover intermediate and expert-level concepts. Here you will learn about:

  • Evaluating market expected value.
  • Betting advantage.
  • Creating mathematical models.
  • Bankroll management formulas.
  • Spreadsheet design and upkeep.
  • Isolating relevant information.
  • Identifying and patching model leaks.
  • Proper sportsbetting behavior.

These topics are complex and will require you to have a firm understanding of basic betting concepts.

sportsbetting guides

Advanced Guides