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Starting in 2016 we will be tracking the betting records of certain handicappers and sports media members. This is done as an independent project and is in no way meant to promote or validate the skills of any individual. Stephan proposed the idea after listening to Bill Simmons’ podcast, wondering how successful his picks were given that most of his reasoning seems to be driven by narratives. We will be adding more individuals to the tracker in the future but for now this section will be solely operated by Steph. sportsbetting tracker

Our Projects

Here is the list of the individuals who are currently being tracked. Click on their names to view pick summaries and results for each person:

sportsbetting tracker


Request a Tracker

We are always open to hear your suggestions as to who should be added to our tracker. This can range from a prominent individual in sports media to a handicapper who is touting an unrealistic record. Please send your requests to Stephan (@NitroBetting) on Twitter. Ensure that your suggestion meets our criteria, which require that this individual:
  • Actually bets on sports instead of tossing around predictions.
  • Provides their picks in a verifiable form.
  • Is at least semi-prominent in sports media or the gambling industry.
  • Is not yourself (we are not here to promote you).
sportsbetting tracker
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American Betting Site is in no way affiliated with anyone who we are tracking. Under no circumstances will we accept compensation to alter or remove a sportsbetting tracker from our site. This is meant for entertainment purposes only so get over yourself. There are very few relevant individuals who directly say what picks they are making so tracking sometimes requires interpretation. While there is no guarantee that our sportsbetting trackers accurately reflect an individual’s record we make our best effort to be as precise as possible. If you disagree with an entry in one of our sportsbetting trackers or would like to suggest a way to improve upon it feel free to contact Stephan (@NitroBetting). sportsbetting tracker
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