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American Betting Policy

American Betting specializes in many fields involving sportsbetting. From sportsbook reviews to expert picks, we are dedicating to being industry leaders in every possible way. All of our site policies are organized on this page. We reserve the right to make modifications to our site policies as we continue to grow and develop as a community. If you have any specific questions, please contact us using our e-mail form.

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Policy on American Sportsbook Reviews

All American Betting reviews are written from an unbiased perspective. We are not sponsored by any sportsbook, nor do we receive any incentives to promote one betting site over another. Our reviews are written with the goal of answering the questions that United States citizens have when it comes to finding the best betting site for them. We reserve the right to change review scores at any point in time in the event that there are any notable updates that are implemented.

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Policy on Premium Membership Refunds

All subscriptions to American Betting picks are final. In the event that your handicapper is unable to provide you with picks throughout the duration of your membership, you will be given the option to transfer your remaining subscription time to another one of our team members, or to be issued a refund for the remaining time. We will also provide refunds for individuals who want to cancel a recurring subscription in the 24 hour period after the re-billing. We cannot issue refunds under any other circumstances. 

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Policy on Premium Membership Results

American Betting prides itself with being one of the few handicapping sites that ensure all sportsbetting records are accurate, transparent, and graded against Pinnacle lines. We ensure that all of our team members are held to a high standard, and a lack of performance is cause for demotion. However, those who have experienced profitable sportsbetting understand that it is a long term process. Winning years still consist of losing months. While we cannot make any promises that guarantee that the picks you will receive during your subscription will generate you a profit, we can guarantee that all records will be transparent.

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Policy on Privacy

American Betting understands the importance of privacy, and will not disclose any information to any outside source under any circumstances. Other sportsbetting related sites often sell your contact information to bookies and pick-sellers in order to profit from direct communication lines. We do not agree with this practice at all, and will never partake in this. Any communication you receive will either be from the American Betting staff, or from another site that we own (since we use a merged userbase system). You may also request to have your information permanently deleted from our system if you so desire. Privacy is important, and we urge all other webmasters to abide by similar practices.

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Policy on Community Involvement

American Betting reserves the right to moderate all content on the website. We like to promote an open discussion, however we will not tolerate any content that is racist, hurtful, libelous, or factually incorrect. Such comments will be removed, and repeat offenders will be terminated.

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Policy on Accounts

We have set no limit as to the amount of American Betting accounts you can create. However, we will not tolerate individuals creating multiple accounts to circumvent bans. If you are caught ban-evading, we will suspend your IP address from viewing this site. If you feel as though you were wrongly suspended, please contact us and we will sort it out. Intense discussions can happen on this site, which is perfectly fine, as long as things stay civil.

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Further Policy

If you have any further questions regarding our site policies, or would like us to expand on a certain section, please contact us using our e-mail form and we will respond to you in under 24 hours. AmericanBetting prides itself with being as transparent as possible when it comes to our policies.