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Tag: Scandal

NepentheZ Underaged Gambling Scandal Explained

British YouTuber NepentheZ has been charged with inviting children to gamble along with promoting and advertising an unlawful lottery. The popular FIFA YouTuber Craig Douglas...

TmarTn Underaged Gambling Apology Video Deleted

UPDATE: TmarTn has deleted the apology video after community backlash. We have linked a mirrored version of the video for you to watch. Earlier today...

TmarTn CSGO Lotto Scandal Explained

The TmarTn CSGO Lotto scandal furthers Valve's rapidly developing underaged gambling problem. The YouTube star has taken heat recently due to allegedly lying to his...

CSGO Wild United States Officially Banned

The world's most popular CSGO betting site has officially ceased all operations in the United States. American customers can no longer bet, deposit, or...

The Valve Underaged Gambling Problem and Lawsuit

It was only a matter of time until it happened. Following last week's events involving unregulated virtual betting site CSGO Diamonds admitting to fraudulent...

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