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Free Winning Sports Picks

Free Winning Sports Picks

We have a team of talented sportsbettors ready to provide you with daily free winning sports picks. This section will contain all of our write-ups and projections. Our experts cover all major North American, European, and International sports. Register for a free American Betting Site account in order to gain access to hundreds of free winning sports picks.

free winning sports picks

Positive Expected Value Picks

All free picks featured on American Betting Site are based upon proper sportsbetting procedure. Our writers evaluate betting markets based on expected value. Our team only releases picks in which our projected numbers indicate an advantage over the outcome probability. This means that the return payout is greater than the true winning percentage. This is the strategy that must be employed if one wants to become a profitable sportsbettor. It is made possible because oddsmakers adjust their odds based on the way a game is being perceived. They move their lines to either create a balance in the action or to take a position.

free winning sports picks

Free Winning Sports Picks for All Leagues

Our team of sportsbetting experts cover all major North American and European leagues. We release free winning sports picks for American football (college and NFL), basketball (college and NBA), baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL), and European soccer. Our team provides projections for the sports they know best. Our free winning sports picks team include:

free winning sports picks

Proper Bankroll Management

Knowing how much to bet is just as important as which markets you wager on. Experience sportsbettors use some variation of the Kelly Criterion. This formula will allow them to determine bet size based on how big of an advantage they believe they have on a given market. The reason why this formula is dangerous is because incorrectly calculating your edge will hurt your bankroll. This is why it is dangerous to advise betting size with free picks. If you do not get the exact same odds as our experts, you will be locking in the wrong amount. This is why we will advise novice sportsbettors to simply wager a fixed amount per game. We recommend 1% of your total sportsbetting bankroll.

free winning sports picks

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Free NFL Picks Week 8: It has been a very busy week working to get Arjan's website launched. I realized late last night that...
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Free NFL Picks Week 7

NFL Picks Week 7.1 Play: Dolphins +2.5 Play: Jaguars -1.5 Play: Jets -2.5 Watch: Vikings over 40 (want 39) https://vimeo.com/188494850 Season Record I will update this section...
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free winning nfl picks week 2

Rival’s Free Winning NFL Picks Week 2

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Free MLB Picks for August 25th 2016

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Pre-deadline 2016 MLB Division Odds

With the MLB trade deadline quickly approaching we will take a look at the current 2016 MLB division odds. We should note that we are...

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